Original 2 Pieces of The Berlin Wall Great Historical Collectors Item with COA




To Celebrate the 31st Anniversary of the Fall of the Wall in Berlin in November 1989 the following item Celebrates an important part of German and Worldwide History .

AUTHENTIC 2  PIECES OF THE BERLIN WALL  with enclosed COA in German  as shown

Front of package is shown as well as rear showing a scene of Berlin Wall art – Terrific Collectors Item

Pieces of the wall measure approximately 3 cm X 2 cm and 2 cm x 2 cm

From the Concrete composition which was unique to the Berlin Wall ,we know this item is Genuine – the Berlin wall was built from a crystalline concrete structure – containing a lot of quartz and lime by which the Berlin Wall can be effectively “fingerprinted”

This piece of masonry represents the liberty that became reality for millions of people after the fall of the Wall

Standard shipping via International Registered Mail, for a surcharge as shown rapid 3 day Fedex is available – if you choose Fedex, I need a daytime address where the items can be signed for during working hours

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